Standard Mixed Dozen


A popular shipped item… this varied package contains 4 each of our primary products… Cowboy Cookies, Mississippi Mud Cake, and our Applesauce Cookies! Can be produced Gluten free for added cost.



Our Standard Mixed Dozen features three of our early product favorites. The Applesauce version from a great grandmother on the Gomm and Allred side and is one of the oldest recipe’s we have. It cuts the oil and sugar in half that goes into the product. The 4 Slices in the middle are a very moist Buttermilk from scratch chocolate cake which contains cinnamon and vanilla, with a fudge like frosting with pecans, the pan is coated with coconut. This recipe I understand may be on or two ingredients different from Texas Sheet cake and was sourced through an aunt of mine on the Saline side, that claimed it was my Grandmother Laura Hunts… though I’ve ben wondering as Grandma always mentioned Mississippi Mud Pie, Either way it is a lot of fun and very moist. The firmer hearty Oatmeal was sourced through Beverly Gomm my other grandmother and is a hearty Oatmeal cookie with about as much oatmeal as well as a medley of five chip types cinnamon, vanilla, butterscotch, peanut butter and double the Semi-sweet chips.

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Weight 37.3907184 oz
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 2 in


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