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Carob candy is paleo like treat that is cocoa free, ours was invented by my mother and doubles as a dog treat, it contains raw pecans, raw Sunflower seeds, raw local honey, a pinch of salt and the Carob and Idaho Milk sourced protein. It is a darker/semi-sweet like flavoring. This has lots of fun notes. note that it is not cocoa or chocolate! sliced 1 inch square and near 1/2 an inch thick.

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Our Carob Candy was invented long ago back in the 70’s when Vickie Gomm was studying raw diets and came up with this now paleo like product. Its not heated it uses raw chopped pecans and sunflower seeds, raw honey sourced locally, butter, a pinch of salt and enough Milk Protein from Idaho Milk in Jerome as well as carob shipped in from Michigan. Carob is another bitter sweet powder ground and Roasted from a pod verses seeds like cocoa, its very nutritious, some call the pods St. John’s Bread thinking it was the locust and honey referenced in the Bible that the Baptist lived off of in the wilderness. I read of some in WWII on the Italians front that subsisted off of it only. my Mother lost of left the recipe behind when she and my father split up, we as addicts hadn’t had it for some 34 years when I convinced her to give me a list of the ingredients and she came up in the summer of 2019 and we reformulated it. now the addicts are loving it! carob is generally an acquired taste most love it or hate it, though we’ve made a few converts along the way!

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  1. LaRoy Saline

    Our Saline family (siblines) are addicts and so glad mom helped us reformulate it after being without it for 34 years.

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