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Our applesauce cookie is sourced through a recipe version of a great grandmother often a family and kid favorite. Its similar to pumpkin chip and was once dropped the same when it only contained raisins. It is a fun mix that is interesting you will not taste the fruit in it! It features a milder spice mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. The applesauce has been doubled and creates a vary moist and dense cake topped of by the fact that the applesauce cuts the oil and sugar in half lowering the calories as well as the glycemic index and though still sweet it allows the finishing touch of a semisweet chip to show both a texture and opposite flavor in its bittersweet influence.

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This was one of our favorite items to smell as we walked in the door of the house from a hectic day of school, to find mom just pulling pans of this from the oven… the smell of the subtle spices warmed our senses as we eagerly hurried to help her get them consumed, we’d down maybe 3 or five pieces with a glass of milk as we took a school break and maybe did something active or peaceful and fifteen minutes later we were revived and mentally ready to hit the books! The source of this magical concoction was my great grand mother Opal Allred Gomm. It had originally been a drop cookie like pumpkin chip, but Beverly, my grandmother had swapped out the raisins for semi-sweet morsels, I learned later that my mother sheet caked it for convenience turning it into something of a bar cookie. Many years later I’d double the apple sauce and add in some clove on top of the subtle cinnamon and nutmeg, creating almost a cake like consistency.

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