3″ Raisin (Fig & Apple) Filled Cookie


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Perhaps an Italian original treat! Our search has produced this three-generation handed down recipe from Linda Burke’s Grandmother’s excellent fluffy moist sugar cookie dough with a hint of vanilla, that’s filled with a boiled-down fruit filling made with Apple Chunks, Raisins and Figs with a thickened sauce. $15/dz.

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For years a distant relative has been after me to find out how to make raisin filled cookies just like his grand mother and my great
grandmother Opal (Allred) Gomm produced, and though I’m still in search of what ever he’d experienced, we have received this recipe from a a friend who lived out north of Wapello and south east of Firth a Mrs. Linda Burke which was quite popular in this area and originated from hear grandmother an their traditions. what little I know about our families version is it was only raisins used no other fruits. how ever Linda’s came with a three part filling using raisin, figs, and golden delicious apples. I really like the three part filling, but can produce with one or all three options. This is a time intensive process and therefore they are more costly. One of my favorite memories were having Hyrum and avid raisin hater try and well doe to dark version to send out and say he liked it most and converting Jett an acquaintance who was an avid raisin hater too and have him say he was impressed and really liked it. They kind of are similar to a newton in the American jargon.

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