• Our applesauce cookie is sourced through a recipe version of a great grandmother often a family and kid favorite. Its similar to pumpkin chip and was once dropped the same when it only contained raisins. It is a fun mix that is interesting you will not taste the fruit in it! It features a milder spice mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. The applesauce has been doubled and creates a vary moist and dense cake topped of by the fact that the applesauce cuts the oil and sugar in half lowering the calories as well as the glycemic index and though still sweet it allows the finishing touch of a semisweet chip to show both a texture and opposite flavor in its bittersweet influence.
  • Carob candy is paleo like treat that is cocoa free, ours was invented by my mother and doubles as a dog treat, it contains raw pecans, raw Sunflower seeds, raw local honey, a pinch of salt and the Carob and Idaho Milk sourced protein. It is a darker/semi-sweet like flavoring. This has lots of fun notes. note that it is not cocoa or chocolate! sliced 1 inch square and near 1/2 an inch thick.
  • A carefully balanced cookie inspired with pumpkin pie like spice mixes from some 5 frontier and pilgrim aged recipes we studied and tested. We kicked the spices up just a bit and feature added canned pumpkin for a bold flavor, sweetened with sugar and touch of brown sugar both of the Idaho sugar beet sourced kind, and our favorite semi-sweet chips! Made with a #20 scoop for a large size!

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