A Family Tradition


It was a great experience for my siblings and I, running home from middle or high school after a hectic day of kids teasing kids and teachers picking on you… to open that front door and find my angel mother just landing two to three pans of Great Grandma Opal {Louise (Allred) Gomm’s handed down and modified recipe} Applesauce Cookies or My Grandma Beverly Gomm’s version of Cowboy Cookies! The smells instantly began to make us smile and were a source of comfort food. Oh boy, we’d hurry to help consume at least 3 and often 5 Cookies with a glass of milk, then it was off to a brief break and our heads were ready for the arduous task of homework followed by our chores and evening routine. We kids were glad for that sweet warmth she used to show her love every once in a while… not that one can’t enjoy a thing like that daily!!!

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A Company That Gives Back


Years later in talking to mom after passing on her tradition to my own family, fellow serviceman, friends and others when I could, I found she had coined the inspiration to our name by creating an email called gommswarmcookies. Having been entrepreneurially interested as a teen, I began studying the products she made and other family members, having myself worked for some large food producers here in Idaho, I sought out ways to stream line production at home and created my own Research and Development to come up with the perfect cookie and portion of our first few products in hopes of one day producing them with heart like hers and in a big way!

Then in the Fall of 2016 November I happened upon something that got my heart in “just risk it” gear, when I saw a friend, Ollie Cantos, had begun mentoring three ten year old blind triplets and immigrants from Colombia of all places some seven years back and opened a whole new world to them and had adopted them in 2014 approximately. Ollie being blind and never having married made him quite a Super Dad to begin with, however, he was feeling the need to help each of them continue to be greater and opened up a Go Fund Me account to raise money for them to achieve there ambitions.

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Incredible, Unique Recipes


In learning of this as my heart was pounding and I then and there decided I could invest in ingredients and put a dollar a dozen into their fund. Tested products on family during that month at a Thanksgiving reunion and even a gluten free option and I was ready to sell. Sold 2 dozen in December and have just grown from there. Our months sales have gone form $40 in sales to $400 a month. One of the fun things we did, when we began, was asked the Cantos Family to review our products and a holiday spin, here is the link its 13 min. and made me look at things very differently, because its very worth it they created it on there own, a feat we hope to learn to replicate soon: https://m.youtube.com/watch/v=pVW-_iNls1k&feature=share

This was destroyed even there master by some cyber bully. Recently we have supplied them with some new and added product and some Braille labels and am very hopeful to plug in another one in here.

You might also check out there link for the fund: https://www.gofundme.com/SupportBlindTriple/donate?pc=expt_ot_dn_toastbanner_w_v2

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Looking Ahead


We still have a lot of growth ahead, but look currently to continue giving where we feel we can. Of our sells $700+ Has been donated to the fund Ollie created so far, as we continue we hope to get their cause out in front of others who can join in the fun of giving frim the heart.

if your interested in learning more the link for the fund Ollie created is:


Lately we have also been helping out INSANO Organization a orphanage and vocational and self reliance purposed school in Rwanda run by a fellow of common faith Theoberte Siborurema… If you wish to help them too their go fund me link is:


Please help us as we grow these causes by sharing our Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/gommswarmcookies/) and other pages info, and if you can order or donate directly to aid them that would be awesome? It has been very worthwhile to us. Our continued effort is to bring to you a non-preserved, rawer/less-refined products where possible and meet some unique dietary needs of others with our sweet and natural goodness, as we collect American family traditions and history to tell, along with those of other delight and historic items from across the worlds cultures!

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